Managed Services

Pinao Managed Services allow Clients to focus on their Mission, while we ensure your infrastructure is up and running securely.

Managed Services for Cloud and On-Premise, Delivered Securely

Focused on your Success

Pinao Managed Services provide deployment, support and operational delivery of hosted application, compute, storage and network cloud infrastructure components. We monitor and manage system software and infrastructure configurations to unlock the full benefits of your cloud platform.

By providing insight into your service consumption and true service availability, we can help you align costs more closely with your organization’s needs. Services scale up and down to continually meet your changing business needs, while ensuring that IT costs always align to business demand.

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Cloud Management

Public, private or hybrid.  Whatever your requirements, Pinao can assist in developing and deploying the right solutions.  We have relationships with all of the major commercial cloud providers and are able to deploy to your required security level.

Managed Security Services

Security in the cloud can be a challenge, especially as cloud environments become more complex.  Your cloud infrastructure may be secure, but that doesn’t mean your apps and data are.   Deploying the right processes with analytics and automation will keep your cloud a safe, predictable place.

IT Operations

Whether cloud or on premise, IT organizations need partners that will support all aspects of their operations, from complex SLAs to mission-focused CONOPS.  Pinao has the expertise and flexibility to support your mission.

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