The Value of an MSP

By November 28, 2018 Blog

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) becomes an extension of an organization providing the oversight and optimal delivery of contingent labor to enable business outcomes.

So what’s the value? With an experienced MSP, your organization can achieve significant cost savings and delivery improvement, broadened access to talent, increased work quality, workforce insight and greater federal and regulatory compliance.

The value and growth of the MSP offering has welcomed key shifts over the years as well as a vital foreshadowing of what is to come:

  • Focus is shifting from managing low-skilled/blue-collar temporary workers toward total talent management – including statement of work (SOW), independent contractors and freelancers, resource pools and permanent employees.

  • Composition of job families in an MSP is changing to include more broadened skill sets.

  • Shifting from a single country focus, MSP deals are increasingly multi-country in scope.

  • Buyers/Clients are approaching MSPs for innovation and deeper subject matter expertise, consulting, growth impact, location and revenue improvement.

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