Zero-Based Review (ZBR)

An independent analysis of the Information Technology workforce skills and manning being employed to deliver IT services.

ZBR examines the IT challenges and activities from the bottom-up and top-down which impacts cybersecurity, operational, and information superiority objectives.

The ZBR analysis is a comprehensive methodology to develop specific efficiency initiatives supported by data collection, and in-depth analysis, with plans to close service gaps and improve service quality and reliability. The high-level objectives for the ZBR analysis are to determine the right skills, manning, and organization required to deliver IT and Cyber workload services based on job-task analysis and peer models, and to develop a service and process alignment strategy.

ZBR objectives for supporting data collection:
  • Develop an understanding of the IT Value Chain and the organization model which supports it.
  • Develop insight into organizational IT support provided outside of IT services received.
  • Develop an understanding of the delivery of IT services and expectations.

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